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Developers, welcome

This documentation was made for developers willing to deploy ONCHAINID contracts, interact with them or build an application integrating ONCHAINID. In order to be complete it also introduces the developers with the various roles involved in the ecosystem and the way they interact with each other.

The documentation is separated in different sections :

  • The Claim Issuers section is introducing the role of claim issuer and the different responsibilities of this role as well as the different ways to integrate ONCHAINID if you are willing to become a claim issuer;
  • The Information Providers section is introducing the role of information providers in the ecosystem and the responsibilities of the latter, it also describes how the information providers can integrate the ONCHAINID ecosystem, technically speaking;
  • The Integration section is a more general section about general integration of ONCHAINID in various applications, it contains examples of possible integrations and how to correctly integrate;
  • Refer to the Contracts category to learn more about the contract interfaces and implementations.
  • The ComplyDeFi includes documentation for a simplified implementation of a permissioned asset leveraging ONCHAINID capabilities.
  • Finally the Identity SDK section is describing in details the SDK that is provided to interact with smart contracts deployed on the blockchain.

The SDK section is definitely the most meaningful section for developers already familiar with ONCHAINID concepts.