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ONCHAINID logoThe onchain identity standard documentation

Interested about ONCHAINID governance? Learn more about the OID governance token

Simplify Logins

Universal login to websites and DeFi protocols, only register for an account once.


Identify Counterparties

‍Identify who you are dealing with by checking their proofs verified by trusted parties to avoid frauds and scams.


Reuse Identity Proofs

Reuse certified identity data (e.g. KYC check certificate) for compliance checks, no more duplicated efforts.


Own Your Data

Control the access to your personal data and identity proofs. Revoke the access anytime.


Manage Wallets & Assets

Manage multiple wallets in a single web application. Digital assets can be recovered from a lost wallet to a new one.


Comply with Regulations

Ensure your eligibility to participate in DeFi investment opportunities to comply with regulations without compromising privacy.